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Our 6,500 tree orchard is located one mile from the intersection of US Highway 10 and County Road 11, Audubon, MN. The property was bought by my parents in 1966 and primarily farmed. In 2001, I planted 50 trees on the west side of the creek, part of the Buffulo River Watershed. I added 50 trees for a couple of years and then significant numbers after that.  The orchard on the west side of the creek is named Masut, which means fertile, dark soil in native American languages . The soils are immediately underlain by alluvial clays, modified drift, sand and gravel. With this remarkably strong subsoil and equally remarkable deep and rich upper soil, there is good reason for the fertility which has characterized this region. We specialize in U of MN varieties like Zestar, Sweetango, HoneyCrisp and First Kiss.

Tree-ripened, pesticide-free and hand-picked at the peak of ripeness. Open weekends beginning August 26, 2023. Pre-picked available all season and U-Pick on weekends. 

Picnic sites are available.

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Where To Find Our Apples


Red River Valley Market
Saturdays, beginning August 26, 2023
10am-2pm. Downtown Fargo

 LadyBug Acres Veggie Barn           
2110 S University Drive, Fargo

Hildebrandt's Farmers Market
349 Main Avenue East in West Fargo

Red River Harvest Cooperative
​Red River Harvest Cooperative is a community of local producers committed to
empowering a resilient local food economy by providing sustainably grown food
options while practicing good stewardship of agricultural resources. 
This cooperative builds stronger ties within our community by championing 
family farm agriculture, providing farm-to-table products, and facilitating
educational opportunities.

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At the Farm: Retail All Season and U-Pick on Weekends: 9-5pm


Apple Variety Average Harvest Dates


First Kiss: 2024

Zestar:  August 26 - early Sept.

Chestnut Crab: Sept 2 - mid Sept.
Sweeetango: Sept 2 - mid Sept.

Sweet Sixteen: Sept. 16 - late Sept.

Mn 33: 2027

Honeycrisp: Sept. 16 - late Sept.

Snow Sweet: September 30 - early October

Triumph: 2026

Haralson/ Haralred: Sept. 30 - mid October
Liberty/Redmax: Sept. 30 - mid October


Upcoming Events

Join Us at the Farm on Saturday, September 9, 2023
for our second annual Apple Fest. 
Schedule of Events
9-11am: Preparing Apples for Press
11:30am - 2:00pm: Feeding the Press
2pm - 3:30pm: Pressing Cider

10am-5pm: Food Served

  • Apple Brat

  • Fresh Baked Apple Pie

  • Water and Coffee

  • Baked Goods

In 2022, we pressed 1550 pounds of apples in a single press, using two apples, Chestnut Crab and Zestar. In the end, we gave away 106 one gallon containers of fresh cider to those participating and attending.

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