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I was picking apples early Monday when this jewel of an apple was found, a Sweetango, weighing one pound. Beginning Saturday, we can add the Sweetango to our lineup of apples much to the relief of the Zestar. And then, at the farm, in Audubon, we celebrate our second Apple Fest. For those that attended last year, we worked out some of the hiccups and anticipate the operation of pressing cider to go more smoothly. And like last year, we’ll dispense one gallon jugs for free as long a s the cider last – about 125. Here’s what you can expect. 9:30 am to 11:30 am – preparing the fruit (removing any unwanted blemish on the apple) 11: 00 am – loading press with pre picked apples (chestnut crabs) and eventually the apple falls (Zestar and Sweetango) 1 to 1:30 pm – engage the press and collect the cider to be dispensed in one gallon jugs for the next hour of so To make this work, we need help in removing blemishes and the unwanted parts from collected apple falls and then help loading the conveyer to the grinder. And finally, help with filling and dispensing the one gallon jugs. Like last year, we’ll use our tractor and trailer to move people around from the parking areas to the press and orchard. We tweaked our Brat recipe and I’m ecstatic with the outcome as our others who have tried them. There is a faint-taste of the Zestar apple in the background, lightly salted and a thin skin. In addition to Brats and fresh baked apple pie, we will have caramel apples (using our Sweetango apples). All of these items our for sale, including custom-designed shirts by my son Jacob and bracelets, by my granddaughter, Lilah. Also, we have baked goods and jelly (Chestnut and Zestar). And finally, probably the some of the best apples around to either pick yourself (U-pick) or for purchase in the apple building. Plan to come and a stay for the day.

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