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Spring and the End of Vacation

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

When I only have a single job (Chiropractic) to keep me occupied, I feel like I'm on vacation. That's all about to change since on or about the 10th of March, pruning will start. I need about 140 hours to cover the orchard. I'm hoping for a quick snow melt to limit damage caused by the sun, usually on the south facing side of the trees.

Shortly thereafter, 750 trees will arrive from Cameron Nursery, Eltopia, WA. In addition to adding 500 Sweetango and some HoneyCrisp, I'll add a newly released variety from the U of Minnesota, named Triumph.

Something you'll surely notice this Fall is the switch to trellising trees within rows, a departure from individually staking each tree. I'll be setting post (5"x14') every 20 feet to existing rows.

The other exciting news is that today I'll publish for the first time a website for Gottenborg Apple Orchard. It's not done but far enough along to publish.

Find it at

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